Rocket Launch, Playalinda Beach, FL

2 weeks ago, when we came to Kennedy Space Center, we heard about the Atlas V rocket launch that was happening on February 3. I always wanted to watch a rocket launch in person. And if you read my previous post, you know that I tear up during every rocket launch I watch on TV or movies.… Read the rest

Kennedy Space Center, FL

I have no idea why, but I always get emotional when I watch a rocket launch. Whether it’s on TV, a Youtube clip, or in a movie. Every time. There’s something very inspiring about watching the work of thousands of people, perhaps millions if you count the engineering and science from all of human history we rely on to get to this point, all culminate into a singular point in order to propel ourselves to a place that’s extremely dangerous, unfamiliar, and thrilling.… Read the rest

Johns Island, SC

Have you heard of the Gullah Geechee culture and language? Until South Carolina, I had not.  The islands and coastline along South Carolina and Georgia and the top of Florida are called the Sea Islands and this is where the Gullah culture originated from.  It’s a mixed African culture and many of the residents today speak Gullah.  … Read the rest

Asheville, NC

On our way to Asheville, we passed by the Bush Beans factory. Got a nice tour of the museum, learned about how beans are made… Did you know that the beans are cooked in the cans? They just put the blanched beans, the bacon, and the sauce together in the can, and then they cook them!… Read the rest


Dollywood! This amusement park is filled with southern charm, grandmas and grandpas behind the counter, and a lot of Dolly holograms. The lines were pretty short for a lot of the rides, which was a welcome change from our experience at Disneyland where most of the rides to would take at least a 20 minute wait.… Read the rest

Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg is kinda like Solvang. It feels somewhat historic, but mostly it’s touristy shops. It’s also known for all the moonshine distilleries. And these distilleries offer tastings like no other. You walk in, and there are multiple bars you could drink from, for free. Usually there are lines of people waiting to get their chance to drink from the communion cup of all the different flavors.… Read the rest

Playa Mujeres

Oh the Beloved… how we loved and loathed thee.  This was an all inclusive resort (which included all food and alcohol) where my high school friend Shine was getting married. Being at an all inclusive resort is kinda like being at a buffet- ALL DAY. This means we were either drinking, eating, resting, or thinking of what else to order for drinks and food- total gluttony- though ordering room service every night before we went to bed was a nice treat.Read the rest