Joyce, WA

Salt Creek Farm- run by Doug and Lee- was our second farm that we documented for WWOOF.  They have a CSA program that really puts the “community” back into community supported agriculture.  Members of the CSA come out on Thursday and Friday to help harvest and put the 40 or so boxes together.  It’s a weekly ritual that bonds these members around the farm and food.  We harvested Delicata squash, potatoes, tomatoes, and lots of greens.  We hand picked and scissor-cut each leaf and washed them several times to create lovely salad mixes.  Oh yah- Lee also kept goats so I got to milk a goat as well.  Every night we cooked a fabulous meal from the veggies on the farm and for our trip back home, we left with a large box of veggies that we ate from during our trip down.  When we got back home and finished the veggies, we managed to save seeds from the tomatoes and squash.  Seriously their Delicata squash is better than anything in the market so we need to grow some. Fingers crossed!

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