Manzanar, CA

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the relocation of Japanese Americans began around 1942.  11,000 Japanese- most of whom were citizens- were forcibly moved to Manzanar- only one of a dozen camps.  After the war when these Japanese were then told to leave the camps, they had lost their businesses, homes and several years of their lives.  The Manzanar site- which has some recreated buildings and exhibits- stands as a warning of how easily our liberties can be taken away.  During our visit, we met an older gentleman there who had been there as a young man.  He made this journey a few times a year to the camp.  He didn’t really speak much but seeing him there really made the place feel real.  On the edge of the camp near the base of the mountains, there is a cemetery for people that died during their captivity.

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