Bayside, CA

Last year Moon and I got a grant from WWOOF to take photos and make videos about our wwoofing experiences.  Spring Hill Farmstead was our first stop.  Karin runs a goat farm and is in the process of building a milking parlor so that she can be a licensed cheesemaker.  It goes without saying that we ate goat cheese everyday.

We helped make goat cheese, took care of the ducks and helped with the goats.  The goats needed their hooves trimmed so we got to watch that one day as well.   Karin had about 12 adult La Mancha goats and about a dozen more kids.  The babies feel like they’re puppies- they like affection and want to be pet.

I really liked Karin’s story of how she came to build her dream.  When we met her, she had recently retired from her office job and was just starting to run the dairy and farm full time.  Before then she was milking goats every morning and evening and making cheeses all while working a 9-5 job.  As a retirement gift, her co-workers got her a metal sign for her creamery.  Sweet.

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