Olympic National Park, WA


Olympic National Park is probably our favorite national park.  It’s misty and magical and in September the mushrooms start popping up everywhere.  It’s a temperate rainforest so it’s quite wet most of the year but luckily we had a few days of dry weather so that camping wasn’t miserable- though we did miss our RV.  … Read the rest

Seattle, WA

We spent a few days in Seattle in between farms.  It’s such a walkable city and I love how it’s surrounded by water.  It feels like a more grown-up version of Portland.  I could live there if not for the rain and gloom.  We walked around Pike Place, downtown and the Sculpture Garden. … Read the rest

Bayside, CA

Last year Moon and I got a grant from WWOOF to take photos and make videos about our wwoofing experiences.  Spring Hill Farmstead was our first stop.  Karin runs a goat farm and is in the process of building a milking parlor so that she can be a licensed cheesemaker.  It goes without saying that we ate goat cheese everyday.… Read the rest