The Jungle- Yuma, AZ

***HEADS UP- GRAPHIC PHOTOS OF BUTCHERING AHEAD****The Jungle is a hub of counterculture in conservative Yuma.  We visited during Memorial Day weekend when I+L graciously invited us to hang out for the weekend.  One day was an art day. I painted sticks.  Moon made his own canvas and painted the large head that greets you when you come to the Jungle. Some folks there were making their own knives and carving the wooden handles so I tried that and ended up with just a stick.  Oh yah and one guy there made several wooden pipes too- so cool.  It was a really crafty place.  The next day Moon got to butcher a rabbit and chicken.  Guess you have to know how to harvest animals if you’re gonna live on a farm.   The last night we were there, everyone brought out their guitars and voices and made music.  Actually all weekend there was always music whether through the speakers or instruments.  As we left the next morning, S sent us off with a CD that we admired and a sweet hand-written note. So sweeeeettt….

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