Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali is a border town whose sister city is Calexico.  Cute names, huh? We wanted to go because we heard the Chinese food there is interesting- kind of a fusion of the two cultures.  It was very easy walking across the border.  You enter a building and go through a gate and there is barely and security there.  You pop out of a tunnel and there you are in Mexico.  There are sooo many pharmacies and dentist in Mexicali…like a few on every block!  We went to El Dragon and ordered a lot of food.  I can’t say that it was amazing or even all that different.  They did serve limes with all the dishes.  So I’m not sure if we ordered the wrong things or what.  Oh well- it was decent Chinese food.  As we were leaving we saw all these cars waiting to cross the border back into the States on a holiday weekend.  Suckers… it took us 10 minutes to walk over.  Hee hee… : )

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