Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA

Our last day and night on the trip was fun and magical.  We stopped by Jacumba which is another border town where the crossing was blocked off after Sept 11.  The fence is a prominent feature of this place.  We went down to the literal border to take photos and within a few minutes a border policeman showed up in his car.  He got out and told us to get down spread eagle….then after an uncomfortable few seconds, told us he was kidding. Jerko.  We actually had an interesting and revealing conversation with him.  I think the most disturbing thing he said was that he loved his job because he got to hunt people.  Not kidding at all this time.  After that we went to a state park near San Diego and just played around all day and then cooked a yummy meal on the fire at night and recapped a few of our earlier memories from the trip.  Can’t believe 9 months went by already. : )


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