Arcosanti, AZ

Arcosanti was also another one of those places I had wanted to visit since archi-torture school.  Paolo Soleri started building his alternative city in the 1970.  He wanted to create a different solution to urban sprawl.  It’s interesting to see this in the context of all the other utopian societies that we saw along the way.  The fact that Arcosanti still exists and is likely to grow is a cool thing.  There are actually about 50-100 people that live and work here as a community.  His original plans were for a much larger community but this is what was built until now.  It feels like a self sustaining eco-village with modern architecture.  I really liked it here and would love to come back for some events.  Soleri was also known for his bronze bells and there is still an operating foundry here that continues to make bells.

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