The Grand Canyon, AZ


The Grand Canyon is HUGE.  But after you get over that fact, then it pretty much feels like a lot of the other national parks in the area- still awesome but similar.  One difference is that you can hike the 8 or 12 miles down (depending on which trail) to the bottom of the canyon and camp there.  We did not do this because we weren’t prepared and my legs couldn’t handle the hike up.  I think people train for this, no?  If we did this again, I’d hike it down and ride the mules up.  That sounds fun.  We did hike about 3 miles down and it was really fun but sort of grueling on the way back up.  This national park is also great because there is a ton of BLM land around that you can camp in for free.  Since we didn’t make any reservations this was the perfect option.   Well one day…we will get to the bottom!

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