Page, AZ

We went to Page mostly to see Antelope Canyon.  I know it’s a super touristy place but still wanted to see the canyon.  I thought we could avoid the crowds by kayaking into the canyons but it was so windy the marina wasn’t letting boats out.  So OK… we have to join a tour group.  It’s the only way to do because the canyon is on Navajo land so it costs about 30 dollars a person.  So we signed up and got grouped in with about 15 people.  Dude- they pack the canyons in.  You know like when you go to a packed museum show and people move at a slow pace but are lined up like sardines?  Well that’s what it felt like.  On top of that, some of the tour guides were slowing things down so they sent in reinforcements to yell at people to move it along.  And this wasn’t even the busy season.  The tour isn’t really for the nice experience hiking in the canyon.  It’s more to get the photos.  The guides tell you exactly where to get the shots.  Ours thought he would speed things up and just take the shots for everyone.  No thanks dude… After awhile you just have to laugh at the whole thing and think what a funny thing this whole experience is.

Other than Antelope Canyon we went to Horseshoe Bend and the Glen Canyon Dam.  I’d love to come back when it’s not so windy and kayak in the canyons.  It looks amazing…

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