Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA

Our last day and night on the trip was fun and magical.  We stopped by Jacumba which is another border town where the crossing was blocked off after Sept 11.  The fence is a prominent feature of this place.  We went down to the literal border to take photos and within a few minutes a border policeman showed up in his car.  … Read the rest

Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali is a border town whose sister city is Calexico.  Cute names, huh? We wanted to go because we heard the Chinese food there is interesting- kind of a fusion of the two cultures.  It was very easy walking across the border.  You enter a building and go through a gate and there is barely and security there.  … Read the rest

Arcosanti, AZ

Arcosanti was also another one of those places I had wanted to visit since archi-torture school.  Paolo Soleri started building his alternative city in the 1970.  He wanted to create a different solution to urban sprawl.  It’s interesting to see this in the context of all the other utopian societies that we saw along the way.  … Read the rest

The Jungle- Yuma, AZ

***HEADS UP- GRAPHIC PHOTOS OF BUTCHERING AHEAD****The Jungle is a hub of counterculture in conservative Yuma.  We visited during Memorial Day weekend when I+L graciously invited us to hang out for the weekend.  One day was an art day. I painted sticks.  Moon made his own canvas and painted the large head that greets you when you come to the Jungle.… Read the rest

Phoenix, AZ

We went to the James Turrell installation at the university.  It was pretty similar to the one in Austin but just a bit older and worn out.  If the one in Austin was a 22 year old, this one was a 35 year old.  We still enjoyed it though especially because there was no one else around and it was in a warm desert.  … Read the rest

Sedona, AZ

Sedona is pretty beautiful.  We went to several vortexes to see what it was all about.  Our first night we went to the Airport vortex.  There was a shaman (actually the one I had seen in Sunset magazine) performing a ritual for two ladies.  They were laying down on the rocks and he was drumming and chanting them through what sounded like a vision quest.  … Read the rest

The Grand Canyon, AZ


The Grand Canyon is HUGE.  But after you get over that fact, then it pretty much feels like a lot of the other national parks in the area- still awesome but similar.  One difference is that you can hike the 8 or 12 miles down (depending on which trail) to the bottom of the canyon and camp there. … Read the rest