Salt Lake City, UT

SLC was founded by Mormon leader Joseph Smith in 1847.  This was during a time when a lot of pioneers were migrating to the West Coast.  For the Mormons, it was to find a place where they could practice their religion.  The religion had started in New York and gradually moved west due to conflicts with the state governments in Ohio, Missouri and finally in Illinois where Smith was murdered.

We took a tour of Temple Square which is like the Mormon epicenter.  Two “sisters” took us into the Tabernacle where the choir performs and a broadcast is sent out every Sunday morning.  She showed us how magically awesome the acoustics were.  She went up to the pulpit and said: I am ripping a piece of newspaper.  Yes we could hear it from the back.  Then she said: I am dropping three nails.  Plop, plop plop- yes we heard that too.  She attributed the great acoustics to the construction of the dome overhead which had been told to the prophet by God.

The next morning we went to listen to the choir.  It was pretty cool.  Moon blended in with the other congregants but I didn’t because I wasn’t wearing a skirt or a dress. Oops.

That afternoon we headed out to the Great Salt Lake out of curiosity.  It kind of felt like the Salton Sea- a bit smelly with lots of birds and kind of surreal and pretty.  The no-see-ums (biting gnats) had just hatched and maybe that’s why this place was so empty.  The Great Salt Lake also has no outlet like the Salton Sea and that’s why it’s so salty and smelly.

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