Velarde, NM

We stayed with J+L for an awesome week.  They bought this place when it was just desert and did so much work to this place.  Oh yah- they hand-built their home.  Not many people can claim that.  We planted a lot of peppers and tomatoes and protected them with a wall of water which I’d never seen before since there aren’t too many freezing nights in LA.  We also moved baby chickens into the big boy pen and saw them trying not to get pecked by the big birds.  The whole “pecking order” is a literal thing in the poultry world.  The farming community in Velarde seems to be a nice group of folks that drop in on each other a lot just to say hi and stuff.  One of their friends- a baker- brought over bread one day and then ice cream the next.  We also went hiking into this canyon by the Rio Grande to watch some kayakers go over some rough waters.  It was a beautiful hike that took us into a meadow that made me think of The Sound of Music.  The next day we went to a corn planting ceremony and lunch at their friend’s Ron’s.  We planted an heirloom type called Glass Gem (I think?) and then were treated to a lunch with last year’s harvest of that corn.  There was posole and cornbread all super yummy.  We both really came to love this part of New Mexico.  Oh yah and the sunsets here are to die for- super dramatic, pink, vibrant over expanses of land…

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