Taos, NM

So I read that the Taos Pueblo is one of the must-see things in Taos.  It’s even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  So we went.  Sorry …but it’s kind of sad there.  The church is well taken cared for but many of the other buildings there are crumbling.  No one actually lives at the Pueblo except for a dozen people and most of the open buildings are gift shops for tourists.  So basically I felt like I had paid money to come shop at a sad Native American mall.  Later we went to Taos Mesa Brewery- a very cool spot- and watched a band through a ping pong tournament.  I bet the band didn’t appreciate that.  I think what draws people to Taos is the location.  It’s at the base of beautiful mountains and if you just go a little bit out of town, you are on an expansive mesa that drops off into a canyon at the Gorge Bridge.  And again- the sunsets here are amazing- truly awesome.  On our way out, we stopped by the Earthship community outside of Taos.  It’s like a subdivision but all the homes are off-the-grid earthships.  The walls are made of discarded tires, glass bottles, and earth and each home relies on rainwater, wind and solar power.  There’s a whole community of about 75 homes right now outside of Taos.  We were told though that it’s more like a suburb  than an eco-village even though the neighborhood is called Greater World Earthship Community.

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