Bandelier National Park, NM

We took the long route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.  It took us to Soda Dam, Los Alamos and Bandolier.  We first stopped by an old ruin where a Catholic church had been built by an old village.  We were able to go into a kiva- a Native American ceremonial space.  These spaces are pretty cool and all the other ones that we’ve seen haven’t had an intact roof so it was nice to see this one complete- though I have to assume it was reconstructed at some point.

Next we stopped by Soda Dam- it’s a natural hot springs but we couldn’t find much of a pool but it was a pretty spot. Man, the weather in New Mexico is schizophrenic. It was raining and not too cold in Albuquerque and then as soon as we started heading into Jemez, it was freezing!  Also in Bandelier a few days later, it snowed!

We arrived in Los Alamos and the town was pretty dead because it was the weekend.  A lot of workers live outside of the town and commute from quite far away.  This town is known to be the secret location during WWII where the atomic bomb was created and even today they are still doing research in that and other areas.  The town is really just here because of the lab at Los Alamos.  On our way out, we had to go through a check point and out RV was searched…lots of security here.

Next we went to Bandelier National Park where we saw petroglyphs and rock dwellings of people 11,000 years ago. The cavities here were created by the soft rock that exploded out of a volcanoe ages ago.  Very cool cliff-side homes.  After a cool rainy day, we made ramen for dinner. Yummmm.

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