Gathering of Nations, Albuquerque

Gathering of Nations is a yearly event where Native Americans from the US and Canada come together for dance contests, a Miss Indian World pageant, Indian market and bands.  It’s cool to see so many different tribes and their outfits and different dances.  With each dance, there was intense drumming and singing by drum groups.  The prizes for some of these dances were interesting.  The winner of the women’s buck dance got a quilt, some money, a trip to Oklahoma and a small horse…a horse!

We saw last year’s Miss Indian World and though we didn’t stay for the pageant, I saw that they were judged on categories like congeniality, best essay, public speaking, talent, dance…etc. Cool, huh?

They also had a huge marketplace and food area.  What’s up with frybread?? It’s fried dough in a tortilla shape.  There were so many frybread vendors and though we keep on trying it and wanting to like it, it’s never that good.  I think Moon is gonna try making it himself because this food has so much potential.   Well all in all it was a very fun and accessible way to jump into another world for a day.  We were pooped.

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