Smithville, TX

Woofing has been a change from constantly moving around and feeling like a tourist.  Now that the weather is warmer, we’re trying to woof more.  We got to this farm near Austin run by a guy named Nature.  Does that tell you anything about this guy?  Long hair, skinny, vegan, sensitive to cell phones and internet. and any talk of meat…etc.  He claimed that he got a bad night’s sleep because my phone was in his house all night.  Anyways he really put us to work weeding, planting, scraping tiles off an old foundation, and killing fire ants.  The South is totally infested with these invasive ants and we we’re told that they are moving west.

The few days that we were there, it rained a lot.  I never realized how wet and tropical this part of Texas was. As the days get longer and as we drive west,  the sun is starting to set around 8:30.  I love these long warm days.  Well it was an interesting few days on this mostly off-the-grid farm.

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