St. Louis, MO

Everyone knows that St. Louis has an arch- kind of an odd thing but  I actually really like large city landmarks that you can see from way across the city.  It helps to find your place relative to that spot.  Like in New Orleans, you don’t use the cardinal directions but you say Uptown, Downtown, Riverside or Lakeside to describe the 4 corners of the city.  Interesting huh?  So the arch is pretty impressive and you can actually crawl into a small capsule and go to the top if you want.  The next day we walked around the city and went to a museum mostly to pass time until lunch.  When that time came, we headed to Pappy’s Smokehouse and it was really good- I’d say one of the top three BBQ places so far.  What goes well with BBQ? Free beer…and the tour that comes along with it I guess.  The original Anheuser-Busch factory is here so we got a tour. It started out as a family business of two German immigrants.  The smell of malt wafted through the air and it smelled so good- not like beer but kinda like this sweet Korean drink called shik-hae.  By the way, did you ever notice how imperialistic their logo looks? This only hit me after finding out that it was started by two Germans…

St. Louis has a super cool unique space called City Museum.  It’s not really a museum but a huge playground for kids and adults.  So much fun! The next day as we left St. Louis, we stopped by a place called the Weldon Springs Site.  It’s a huge man-made structure that houses radioactive and chemical waste from the 1940s-60’s.  It’s really interesting to read the history of this place and about the construction of the site.  It’s crazy that back then, people thought it was acceptable to burn or throw things into the water as a way to get rid of toxic waste.

Oh by the way, Panera started in St. Louis and they are all called St. Louis Bread Co. in this area.  Moon really like this fact. : \

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