Kansas City, MO

We started out in West Bottoms which is a run-down industrial neighborhood that is starting to develop a bit.  I bet in 10 years, it’ll be really cool here.  For now it’s a few businesses and lots of abandoned buildings.  After that we went to Joe’s BBQ.  Anthony Bourdain put it on his list of restaurants to eat at before you die and the line out the door was evidence that lots of people loved this place.  However I can’t say the hour wait was worth it.  The ribs and brisket both were kinda dry.  I think that when places like this become popular, the quality probably suffers.  It’s OK Bourdain, I don’t judge you for recommending this place.

The next day we got a tour of a coffee roaster and then headed for the art museum.  I love the shuttlecocks! I didn’t know that was the word for the badminton birdie-things!  And yup that’s a group of people doing yoga by the shuttlecocks.  So the main reason we went to Kansas City was to see Marc Maron- a man who probably lives a mile away from us. It was such a good show in the very beautiful Arvest Bank Theatre.  I have become such a fan of a guy that I originally couldn’t stand.

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