Dallas, TX

We made a quick stop in Dallas to take a bath at the Korean Spa, stock up on Korean seaweed and kimchi, and to visit the site of JFK’s assassination. The 6th floor of the book depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald “allegedly shot and killed” JFK. This was the exact wording on the plaque written by the Texas Historical Commission. Even they don’t fully believe that Oswald did it. The museum itself was packed… restricted from taking any photos, I only took a couple of secret photos of the site of the alleged crime scene. The spot where the fatal headshot killed JFK was marked with a white X. It’s still hard to believe something like that happened, that the president of the United States was in a wide open area where an assassin(s?) could shoot him to a point where his brain literally exploded. The museum was okay. It’s pretty expensive ($16!) for basically just listening to a narrator while you walk around looking at big posters on walls. They did a decent job of staying completely objective and factual. There were enough information on other conspiracy theories and so on for people to gain a sense of suspicion on their own. Ultimately the case has been officially closed, but the information from the museum leaves with a reasonable doubt (or at least I think so) that Oswald might not have been the sole killer (if at all).

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