Pittsburgh, PA

As we drove to Pittsburgh, it started snowing! It was on and off but when we awoke the next morning, it was white outside.  But thankfully this spring snow melts pretty quickly.

Pittsburgh is a very hilly city.  I kind of love this landscape- maybe because I find it so different.  We took the incline up to the top of a hill and saw the city from above.  There are a lot of bridges in this city. I guess it makes sense since there are 3 rivers converging at this point.  Pittsburgh feels like a quirky working-class city.  The industrial roots are still there but it feels kinda diverse and interesting. We went to a neighborhood called Mexican War Streets where we went to the Mattress Factory and Randyland.  The whole area was really cute and house prices were pretty fair.  By the way, the more I look at home prices in other cities, the more that LA prices just seem insane. Anyways…

The Andy Warhol Museum was really cool.  I loved his early works when he was a commercial illustrator. When you just see his screen prints, you almost forget that he could actually paint and draw but he had a really cute illustration style.  We also spent one morning at the botanical garden because the whole thing is encased in glass houses- great for a city that probably has a lot of cold days. Oh yah and we also had some delicious Polish food. Pierogies….yum.

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