Marfa, TX

You can really see the landscape change as you drive west from Austin.  It’s super green and lush in Austin and as you drive west through hill country, it starts looking like a green desert and then my the time you get near Marfa, it feels like the desert in the southwest. … Read the rest

Fredericksburg, TX

A lot of wineries have been popping up in Texas in the last decade and this town is one of the hubs.  We stopped to taste some wine and walk around this town that was founded by German immigrants.  It’s also that time of the year where there are tons of wildflowers everywhere.  … Read the rest

Austin, TX

Austin is if you took Portland and put it into a landscape resembling Los Angeles, and made parking way easier. Food trucks are plentiful, there’s a ton of Mexican food, a lot of art and music scene, and hip neighborhoods full of hipsters, overpriced coffee, local beer, and lots of tchotchke shops that sell random cute things you want to buy when you see them but never use when you have them at in your home.… Read the rest

Smithville, TX

Woofing has been a change from constantly moving around and feeling like a tourist.  Now that the weather is warmer, we’re trying to woof more.  We got to this farm near Austin run by a guy named Nature.  Does that tell you anything about this guy?  Long hair, skinny, vegan, sensitive to cell phones and internet.… Read the rest

Dallas, TX

We made a quick stop in Dallas to take a bath at the Korean Spa, stock up on Korean seaweed and kimchi, and to visit the site of JFK’s assassination. The 6th floor of the book depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald “allegedly shot and killed” JFK. This was the exact wording on the plaque written by the Texas Historical Commission.… Read the rest

Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs is known for it’s spring water and bath houses.  There are fountains and natural pools all around the little town with hot water flowing out. It comes out really hot- too hot to sneak in at night and sit in it au natural.  We learned about the bath house industry that started in the mid 1800’s. … Read the rest

Bentonville, AR

Sam Walton is a beloved man in Bentonville.  His first store- a 5 and dime- was in Bentonville.  Yup- this is the home of the first Walmart.  His philosophy in business has always been to get people the lowest prices.  I used to be a Walmart hater but we are pretty grateful to have spent many nights at their parking lots.… Read the rest