Georgetown, TN

I was totally looking forward to my 3 day weaving workshop in Georgetown.  It looks like it was a 2 day workshop because I wore the same thing 2 days in a row.  That happens a lot while you’re on the road.  So anyways we pulled up to a yarn shop in a small rural town in Tennessee and spent our nights there while during the day, Moon worked on his trailer and I learned how to weave.  Man there are so many steps to weaving on a loom.  It took us two days to prep the yarn and loom and the weaving part took mostly a day and a half.  I had a lot of fun learning this low tech method of making your own fiber product- I chose to make a very very long scarf and my classmates made hand towels and a table runner.  The actual weaving part was very calming and relaxing.  At first you have to coordinate your hand and feet movements but after awhile it came naturally.  One of the perks of taking this class here was that our instructor made us a healthy and delicious lunch each day and her husband made us a fabulous dinner each night! It was like a weaving class/dinner party every day. So much fun…

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