Memphis, TN

The day before we got to Memphis, we spent the entire day in a Walmart parking lot doing our taxes.  It was necessary and not too painful because Moon is super organized.  So onto Memphis… Our first night there, our friends S+S took us to get Bibimbap Burgers! Why doesn’t anyone in LA have this on their menu? Come on Roy Choi!  The next day we went to the Lorraine Motel where MLK was assassinated.  It was an awesome museum and they actually show you his room as it was on that day.  You definitely feel the gravity of the moment when you are there.  We’ve been to several civil rights museums and this one was probably the best.  One funny thing though is that we’ve seen many Rosa Parks-on-a-bus-statues and they all look the same.  Do they all come from the same factory?

Afterwards we kinda went to a silly place.  It’s a huge pyramid that used to house a sports team but now it’s home to a Bass Pro Shop.  It has an elevator that takes you to the top of the pyramid and you can see out into the city.  My brother was pretty jealous of me.  : )

The following day we went to Graceland.  The audio tour that you listen to is narrated by….Uncle Jesse from Full House- otherwise known as John Stamos.  It was a good tour but if you ever go, just buy the cheapest tour package- the other ones are not necessary.  I did come away with an appreciation for Elvis.  The tour ends with the song    “If I Can Dream” and Moon said he teared up a bit.  It is a pretty great song.

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