Chattanooga, TN

This was our second time in Chattanooga.  We were on our way back to Boston to help Moon’s parents fix up and clean out their condo so they can sell it.  On top of that, Moon is cutting a trailer on the road.  So I had some time on my own in Chattanooga. I went to the Hunter Museum.  I kinda got sucked into these books on historical portrayals of African Americans- check out how Aunt Jemima and the Cream of Wheats guy evolved.  Then I walked around North Shore which is their newly developed hip area.  All cities seem to have these new neighborhoods and Chattanooga’s had the requisite record shop, thrift shop, local brewery, art gallery…etc you get the picture. That night we rode bikes to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo which is an old hotel where the train cars were turned into suites.  Cute idea, right?  Oh yah- that photo of Moon shaking a jar is us making butter from whipping cream.  It’s pretty simple. You just shake heavy whipping cream in a jar for about 15 minutes and it really turns into butter!

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