Vicksburg, MS

Vicksburg is a small town on the Mississippi River.  It was a crucial town during the Civil War. The Union tried over and over to capture this city and after many unsuccessful attempts, finally took control in 1863.  There is a national park there now on the battle field that has a 16 mile loop that takes you through many of the battle sites.  There are tons of monuments along the path that don’t really make sense to the regular person.  One of the cooler things in the park though was the old civil war battleship that was sunk, salvaged and reconstructed.  Looks kinda crude and rough, no?  After seeing lots of statues and such we went to the old historic town and walked around the town.  The candy store here was the place where Coke was first bottled.  Before that it was just sold at soda fountains.  Thanks Mississippi for spreading that corn syrup water everywhere!

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