Baton Rouge, LA

We spent the week in Baton Rouge with Deborah who we met through the wwoof website.  She was in the thick of making about 100 pies a week for a fundraiser at her church every Friday afternoon.  Her church served gumbo and she sold pies.  So Moon and I promptly went to work making graham crackers.  We baked and crushed several pounds of the stuff.  The following day we added it to the dough and made all the pie crusts.  Then the following day we made the filling and baked the final products.  We had pecan and meyer lemon pies.  We also made a batch of jams as well.  In the evenings, Deba taught us how to make shrimp etouffe  and gumbo.  Yum but quite heavy.  One night we prepared some Korean food for her as well.  I went with Deborah on Friday to her church and helped her sell the pies.  We did pretty well.  She started a non-profit to help a village in Honduras so the proceeds go towards that every year.          On our night off, we went into town and walked around the levees, ate some oysters and oh yah… went to an airsex competition.

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