New Orleans Day 5

We started our Sunday with church.  Look Mom- we’re at church!  Well it was mostly because St Augustines has a jazz worship service.  It was on tripadvisor and you can see from the photos that lots of other tourists were there too.  I wonder if the regular congregation ever gets annoyed.

After church we headed to the starting point of a Sunday afternoon parade put on by one of New Orleans social aid and pleasure clubs.  These are member based organizations that help their communities.  These groups hold parades most Sundays during the fall and spring and we happened to catch one by the CTC Steppers.   Man…it was so much fun! There were tons of people moving/dancing through the streets behind a brass band and a float.  People were drinking, smoking, selling booze from coolers…etc all with police escorts! The parade started out near Treme and crossed the bridge over to the Lower Ninth.  When we got there, the music got very solemn for a few blocks in remembrance of Katrina I’m assuming.  By that time we had been following the parade for a few hours and we were pooped.  So we Ubered it back to a Cajun seafood boil place and had shrimp and crawfish and lots of other goodies…oh yah this place is known for their turkey necks. After dinner- since it was our last night, we went to 3 more bars before we called it a night.  Goodbye NOLA, we’ll miss you!

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