New Orleans Day 4

After breakfast at Stanleys we spent the morning being lazy and aimless in the Quarter.  We ran across a wedding party parade- it was so cute! Apparently parades are very easy to organize in New Orleans so people end up parading all the time.  You get a band and pay a fee for a permit and police escort and off you go dancing down the streets.  Later we went to one of the city museums- The Presbytere where they had an exhibit about Hurricane Katrina and Mardi Gras.  They are on different floors but yah- that was an odd transition going from sad exhibit to party exhibit.  We wanted to check out a David Bowie tribute art show that night so we headed to a Silverlakey neighborhood called the Bywater.  The show was alright but… we met our sort-of-twin there!  Bill and his puppy Freyja are also on a 9 month RV trip and they left Brooklyn the same time that we did and are going back exactly when we are going back.  He had been to CA and was on his way to Florida and we were traveling west from Florida! What a coincidence, right??

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