New Orleans Day 3

We started the day early with a tour of the St Louis Cemetery.  People are mostly buried above ground here because the water table is so close to the surface.  They are buried in mausoleums and the bodies basically cook themselves into disintegration.  See that large pyramid that takes up about 4 regular spots? Nicholas Cage bought that for himself.  Wacky huh?  Also the tomb with the “XXX” on it are tombs of voodoo priests/esses. After that we walked over to Treme and went to the Backstreet Cultural Museum.  It’s a great place to get a sense of the broader Mardi Gras culture from the black perspective.  They also have exhibits on jazz funerals and social aid and pleasure clubs which are a huge part of New Orleans culture.  For lunch we walked back to the French Quarter and had muffalettas and explored a bit more.  Moon and I “commissioned” a guy to write a poem for us and we penned a super cool poem.  It’s a little hard to make out in the photo so here it is:

dust      yes there is

and wild storms

in each of our heartbeats

we’re gone

we’re infinite

we behold

the mileage of our souls

and the road


we make it

and it’s a trail

that bears no name but ours

we’re gone

for we needed first to map

that continent of us

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