New Orleans Day 2

Yay! My sis is here and so is all the Korean food my mom packed in her suitcase! After a Korean breakfast, we went to the Garden District and walked around looking at all the beautiful historic mansions.  Sandra Bullock and Anne Rice both have homes in the area.  Afterwards we had a oyster-filled lunch at Casamentos.  It was alright.  After that we took a tour of the Lower Ninth Ward with Laura- director of the non-profit  She took us around in her truck and explained a lot about the politics, gentrification, and the aftermath that people are still dealing with in the area.  We saw “ground zero” which is the levee that broke and flooded the area.  She also told us that before Katrina, the Lower Ninth was about 98% black and now it’s about 50% white so this neighborhood is gentrifying like crazy.  You can clearly see which homes have been bought and renovated by people of means.  Oh yah Brad Pitt and his non-profit also put in a lot of money into rebuilding homes there.  It’s interesting because lots of these homes are modern and designed by well-known architects but as we drove around that area, it just didn’t sit right because it didn’t seem like modern homes were what people needed here.  Also no one around here can afford to buy these homes so eventually the sale of those homes were opened up to folks outside of the area.  So now you see a lot of out of state license plates in the driveways of the nicer homes in the Lower Ninth.  Honestly the houses here near the river are actually really cute and are a very good deal.  If I lived in New Orleans, I’d consider living here too.  Well I wonder what it’ll look like here in 10 years…

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