Raleigh, NC

We went to Raleigh to visit my mom’s cousin’s family who I hadn’t seen in 10 years!  It was so nice seeing them- they are such a sweet warm family and my aunt is a really great cook.  We hung out in downtown, went to the museum, made jewelry, worked out in their clubhouse and just had a nice relaxing time.  … Read the rest

Georgetown, TN

I was totally looking forward to my 3 day weaving workshop in Georgetown.  It looks like it was a 2 day workshop because I wore the same thing 2 days in a row.  That happens a lot while you’re on the road.  So anyways we pulled up to a yarn shop in a small rural town in Tennessee and spent our nights there while during the day, Moon worked on his trailer and I learned how to weave.  … Read the rest

Chattanooga, TN

This was our second time in Chattanooga.  We were on our way back to Boston to help Moon’s parents fix up and clean out their condo so they can sell it.  On top of that, Moon is cutting a trailer on the road.  So I had some time on my own in Chattanooga.… Read the rest

Memphis, TN

The day before we got to Memphis, we spent the entire day in a Walmart parking lot doing our taxes.  It was necessary and not too painful because Moon is super organized.  So onto Memphis… Our first night there, our friends S+S took us to get Bibimbap Burgers! Why doesn’t anyone in LA have this on their menu?… Read the rest

Clarksdale, MS

Clarksdale is known for its blues musical history.  I didn’t know many blues musicians but we learned about Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters and a bunch of others at the Delta Blues Museum.  The Mississippi Delta is home to blues music and Clarksdale is one of the bigger towns. Morgan Freeman is even a co-owner at a blues bar in town. … Read the rest

Vicksburg, MS

Vicksburg is a small town on the Mississippi River.  It was a crucial town during the Civil War. The Union tried over and over to capture this city and after many unsuccessful attempts, finally took control in 1863.  There is a national park there now on the battle field that has a 16 mile loop that takes you through many of the battle sites. … Read the rest

Atchafalaya Basin, LA

We went down to Bayou Sorrel, about an hour south of Baton Rouge, to take a tour of the Atchafalaya Basin with Dean from Atchafalaya Basinkeepers.  Louisiana is losing about a football field of wetlands every hour and Dean’s group is one of the organizations trying to revitalize the swamps in LA.  … Read the rest