Estero, FL

The Koreshan State Park is the home of the former Koreshan Unity.  It was a utopian community/cult started by Cyrus Teed in the 1870s- he called it Koreshanity.  The group moved to Estero, FLorida to start their “New Jersusalem” and began a settlement which at one point was a thriving community of 250.  He believed in equality between the sexes and races in a time only a decade after the end of the Civil War.  The community was run by him and 7 women.  They seemed to be industrious, cutting-edge and artsy people who tried to live like early Christians.  Interestingly they were also from upper to middle class families- take a look at the furnishings in the rooms- they weren’t poor hippies.  That all sounds great but they also believed in celibacy and a theory of a hollow earth.  That meant that we lived on the inside of a shell earth and that the heavens, moon and planets were all on the inside of the sphere.  After his death, the following dwindled and the last few members gave the land over to the state.   Utopia, cult, eco-village…?

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