Our first stop in Miami was Wynwood.  Almost every wall in this area is covered with a mural- whether the business is associated with art or not.  The auto body shop, wholesale shoe store, along with the boutiques, galleries and restaurants have colorful art on their walls.

The canistel and mamey were finally ripe so we dug into them.  The canistel has a texture like cheesecake and the mamey tastes like over ripe persimmon and is very sweet.  We blended it into our morning shake later. It’s so fun to try all these different tropical fruit here.  Even the avocado is different here- not just the average Haas.  Oh yah and I’ve been making plantains every other day. Yummmm…

The following day it ended up raining allllll day long so we went to the mall and watched Joy and Revenant and hung out at the bookstore.  That was a fun teenagey day!

The next day we went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and got to play with newly hatched butterflies.  At first they are slow to fly off so they just rest on you until they feel ready.  We were told that after it emerges from the chrysalis, the wings are wet so they flutter around a bit so they can open up their wings and dry them out.  That night we went to Little Havana for their monthly Art Walk.  Since we aren’t going to Cuba on this trip, this is as close as we’ll get.  Does it look like Cuba?

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