Ocean Springs, MS

We drove through a short piece of Mississippi as we headed to New Orleans.  The first thing that Moon did after we crossed the state line is celebrate with a beer- while driving- because it’s legal there to drink and drive.  We went to a small town called Ocean Springs and went to the Walter Anderson Museum.… Read the rest

Fairhope and Mobile, AL

We spent one pleasant day in Alabama.  We went to a town called Fairhope which started out as a utopian community but is now just a regular community.  The town has a sweet old-fashion feel to it.  Then we headed to Mobile and walked around a bit but quickly discovered there isn’t much to do there.  … Read the rest

Fort Pickens, FL


Fort Pickens National Park is at the far end of Pensacola Beach.  It used to be a pre-civil war fort and then during the Civil War, the Union army occupied it throughout most of the war.  This is another place that we’d like to visit when its warmer.  The sand and the beaches here look amazing.  … Read the rest

Navarre, FL

The Florida panhandle isn’t that interesting in the winter.  There are a lot of beach towns but it’s too cold for the beach up here so we’re really looking hard for things to do that aren’t super touristy.  One of the hobbies that we picked up is fishing.  It’s a chance to observe the ocean, birds, weather, other fisherpeople while sitting around and snacking and hoping to catch something.  … Read the rest

Pensacola, FL

We took a tour of historic Pensacola. It’s one of Florida’s oldest towns and had been controlled by the French, Spanish and British before Florida was finally sold to the US by the Spanish.  We learned a bit about colonial life and how tough it was back then.

 … Read the rest

Seaside, FL

Seaside feels super idyllic. I could see why parts of the Truman Show were filmed here; there is a picture-perfectness to the place.  It is a master-planned community that is privately owned.   Each home looks different than all the other homes, no one has a front lawn, there are only native plants used in the landscaping and they have their own security.  … Read the rest

Apalachicola National Forest, FL

I originally wanted to come to Apalachicola for the oysters.  In the 80’s, this bay was producing tons of delicious oysters but since the 90’s the industry there has been in decline due to hurricanes, oil spills and not enough fresh water coming into the bay.  That’s a shame because these oysters were suppose to be some of the best in the country.  … Read the rest