Holy Land Experience, FL

The Holy Land Experience is a tragedy.  It’s a confusing mix of church, religion, Vegas, Disney, glitter and cheap taste.  I knew that it would be bad going in and I was ready for a kitschy experience but I was pretty offended by the whole place.  Each “show” was actually a church service. There was one where you could get the Holy Spirit for free. Really? Also at the last show of the day, the guy playing Jesus started healing people in the audience for real! How weird and confusing is that? And of course most everyone in the audience was old so of course everything he was calling out like arthritis, hip pain, headaches, back pain- someone in the crowd was going to have. Ugh…and like everything few steps you took in the park, you saw a sign saying that a camera was watching you.  I call myself a Christian, but I could not connect to this bizarro-land at all. Oh yah and it’s 50 bucks! So not worth it.

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