Tampa, FL

We headed to Tampa for the Florida RV Supershow! It was huge! There were a lot of RVs that we had never seen.  There was one company called Phoenix that we loved.  They make smaller Class C’s that don’t look super outdated and the floorplans were perfect.  I think if we were to upgrade, we’d look into one of those…or there was also this company from Canada which we liked as well.  I think other countries just design their RVs a lot better.  American ones except Airstreams usually look like Home Depot decorated them.  Oh well- another RV is probably wayyyy down the line.  We also like RV shows because you can always get free stays at RV parks that are trying to get you to be a member.  So as I sit here writing this, we are near Orlando in an RV retirement community as we catch up on some work for a few days… for freeeee! After the show, the drove down to St. Petersburg.  What a beautiful drive over the water!

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