St. Petersburg, FL

We went down to St. Petersburg to join the Bernie Sanders supporters in the MLK Day Parade.  It was a lot of fun to meet such diverse, but like-minded people in Florida.  We were pretty excited to be part of a parade for MLK.  We got to our meeting point pretty early in the day and directed other folks to the meeting spot.  Then slowly people came by with home made signs, banners and other swag.  I’d estimate that about 70 people came out that day to join the Bernie group.  Then the parade finally got started and we marched about 1.5 miles to the waterfront.  Sometimes it’s disheartening when you go to gun shows and RV shows and there are so many Trump bumper stickers in the parking lots.  So it was great to see so many supporters in the crowd who cheered as the Bernie group walked by.

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