Lakeland, FL

Hmmm…what can we say about the Lakeland Gun Show? So we weren’t suppose to take photos so after 5 minutes we went into stealth mode and snuck some shots in.  There were 2 large halls of people selling ammo, guns, weapons, knives…etc.  There were actually a few stalls of sweet old looking grandma and grandpa couples selling ammo together.  Hmmm…nice choice of work for retirement… People are allowed to take their weapons into the show so there were lots of people walking around with rifles dangling off their shoulders.  Not too scary because each gun is inspected before they are brought it.  Oh and you know that loophole where individuals can sell to each other without background checks? Well there are people who walk around with a paper taped to themselves with the kind of gun they are trying to sell at the show.  Oh and what’s up with all the Nazi swag at gun shows? Why do guns and Nazi stuff go together? Well it was quite interesting to get a taste of who these gun-toting Americans were.

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