Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios, FL

Animal Kingdom is really a zoo that is much better art-directed than any other zoo out there and has a few rides.  What we liked most was walking around the African and Asian villages and seeing all the attention to detail that the sets all had.  You could tell that the imagineers really visited these villages and had fun recreating these sets for Disney.  By the second day at Disney World, it was kind of exhausting.  We kept on looking for places to take naps and found the best place on Rafiki’s Planet.  There are these darkened rainforest soundbooths with soft benches that you can lounge and shut your eyes for a bit. Also the Finding Nemo musical is 40 minutes long in a dark theatre- though it’s actually a good show.  Then off to Hollywood Studios which Californians would recognize as California Adventures with a few differences.  They have a ride that moves you through classic movie scenes with animatronic figures.  I actually really like low tech animatronics. And it inspired me to finally watch Casablanca a few nights later.

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