Savannah, GA

Savannah is another southern town that has old oaks covered in moss.  It adds to the languid, mellow feeling you get in southern cities.  I love the layout of the downtown area.  There are 22 park-like squares that create green public spaces all around the city.  Each square is quaint and is a peaceful spot to hang out in the town.  Most of the town is north of Forsyth Park and extends to the old waterfront.  Savannah really welcomes RVers by offering overnight parking (camping) right next to the visitor center.  That’s where we met a couple from Italy who were also traveling around the US- though they had shipped their RV from Italy for the trip.  They were part of a RV and scooter group in Italy- which is exactly us!

We went to the SCAD museum one afternoon when it was raining.  Then we spent the rest of the day in the touristy part of town trying samples from candy shops, honey shop and peanut shops.  Moon was also excited that you could drink in the streets there- you just had to ask for your drink in a “traveller.” We went on an artwalk that night as well and saw a lot of bad art but filled up on wine, cheese and crackers.  Moon also won a raffle prize at the end of the night: beauty products- yay me!

One warning about a hyped up tourist trap in Savannah: The Olde Pink House. Do not go- it is all atmosphere and formal fluff but the food is blah. Ick- we were so annoyed.

The next day we took a shuttle to Tybee Island- a cute beach town near Savannah.  I wish it was warmer…we need to come back in the summer.

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