Disney World is quite overwhelming.  Some people even sell guides online on how to maximize your time there and which rides to go on first and which ones to Fastpass.  Luckily for us we went a few days before MLK weekend and the parks were pretty empty.  We stayed at Fort Wilderness which is a Disney RV park.  I don’t know how long people stay at this place but many RVs looked like they had moved in for the holiday season.  Folks here are nuts for Disney!  Every RV had lights and Disney swag all over their sites.  We just had our pink flamingos.  Our first night there we decided to try frying cookie dough and making funnel cake.  The results weren’t ideal.

OK- so the next morning we tackled EPCOT Center.  This place has been on my wish list since I was a kid so I was pretty excited.  Its made of two areas- Future World and the World Showcase.  Future World had a terrible ride called Mission Space that made both of us sick. 2Gs! Seriously?? They actually had barf bags in each pod if that’s any indication of how sick it makes people.  There were several sullen faced people at the end of the ride sitting around- like us.  Buuutttt…..other than that ride, EPCOT is fun.  There’s a lot to look at and walk through.  It felt like being in Vegas around all this fake architecture but I still enjoyed it for the kitsch factor.  It’s totally dorky but ya- I did feel like we were little kids running around this theme park. As for best rides, I liked Spaceship Earth and Moon was impressed by Mission Space though he probably wouldn’t go on it again.

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