Edisto Island & St. Helena Island, SC

After Johns Island we went further south to Edisto Beach and went through Botany Bay which was a beautiful, surreal landscape. South Carolina has the most coastal marshland on the Atlantic which I think is so awesome that the land was preserved and not developed.  The marshes there teem with so much life- especially birds- I wish I could identify more species.  That afternoon we stopped by a farmers market and got a snapper and some amazing shrimp that we grilled for dinner.  Mmmm…the local shrimp is so good here.  The next day we headed for St. Helena Island which houses the Penn Center which was the first school for newly freed slave children.  The buildings are all intact but it doesn’t seem to be used very much nowadays. Sara- our guide from McLeod Plantation- told us her grandmother was one of the graduates of the school…very cool.  The docents at the center were actual former graduates as well!

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