Cumberland Island, GA

Cumberland Island is a national park although there is some private land on the island.  It used to be owned by the Carnegie family and now about 20 of their descendants still live there.  We took a very slow moving ferry to get to the island.  When we got off, a park ranger met us and took us for a tour of the southern part of the island where the ruins of the Carnegie estate were.  I love park rangers- they are so passionate and knowledgable about their parks. Our guide was one of the best storytellers.

The island is really beautiful.  It has oaks, salt marshes and expansive beaches.  It also has wild horses grazing in the fields and the sand dunes along the beach.  I totally want to come back and camp here though you have to pack everything in and off the island.  Next time!

That night we came back to St. Marys- the small town where the ferry leaves from and had a drink at the local saloon where everyone knew each other…so sweet.

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