Charleston, SC

As we are traveling further south, we are learning a lot more about the Civil War- in part due to sightseeing but mostly due to Ken Burns’ documentary that we are watching on the road.  Charleston plays an important role in the war because Fort Sumter is where the first battle was fought.  There are Confederate memorials all over the city.

It actually feels a bit like home here.  It feels like a beachy town with antebellum mansions along the waterfront.  What we enjoyed most about the city was the seafood and strolling around the neighborhoods here.  The homes are so pretty and the weather was great.  It was a nice break from the winter.  Oh and for RVs it was great- you can park in a city lot overnight-so yes- we “camped” in a parking garage for two nights.  On our way south, we stopped at Bowens Island and ate a bucket of steamed oysters.  Oyster roasts are a thing here- you get together with folks and eat lots and lots of steamed oysters together.  Each oyster isn’t particularly flavorful but it’s the fun of shucking each one and hanging out.

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