Bostwick, GA

Bostwick is a small, rural town near Athens, Georgia.  I had the opportunity to woof there at The Feral Woman’s Garden while Moon worked on some personal projects.  It was raining a lot the first few days and the RV actually got stuck in the mud so some neighbors came and rescued us.  Because of the rain, we were indoors sorting seeds, cooking and even spent one afternoon making jewelry.  Suzy- the owner of the farm- had amazing dogs and pygmy goats- the goats were so adorable and sweet.  At this time, there wasn’t too much growing in the gardens except kale, chard and lettuce but we still were able to harvest enough to take to a local wine and gourmet food shop to sell.  The next few days we put a lot of cuttings into soil to start them rooting.  It was a refreshing week to connect back to gardening, being productive and also being part of a household.  I was feeling a bit placeless and unproductive traveling for so long, but I felt grounded again after my time at the farm.

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