We try not to eat at chain restaurants but as you drive through the country, you can’t help but to be aware of all the chains that are out there.  Chick-fil-A is one that is everywhere and the first one opened in Georgia so they have these special ones called Dwarf House where they offer a buffet.  Soooo…. we went for brunch one morning and yes- it was delicious and decadent.  Then we headed to the city and went to the Aquarium. It was crazy warm in Atlanta- like 75 degrees- so everyone was out that day.  The next day we went to the birthplace of MLK and got a few more lessons in civil rights history.

Later for lunch we went to Fat Matt’s and had the best ribs ever since we started this trip. And they had good sides! To burn off all the ribs we went to the High Museum and saw a great show.  Iris Van Herpen is a fashion designer that makes crazy dresses and they had 3 floors of dresses on display.  Super cool- very unwearable- more like pieces of art.

What better way to end the night then having some Foiench Toast. Yup- French toast with foie gras. Yum….

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