Kennedy Space Center, FL

I have no idea why, but I always get emotional when I watch a rocket launch. Whether it’s on TV, a Youtube clip, or in a movie. Every time. There’s something very inspiring about watching the work of thousands of people, perhaps millions if you count the engineering and science from all of human history we rely on to get to this point, all culminate into a singular point in order to propel ourselves to a place that’s extremely dangerous, unfamiliar, and thrilling.… Read the rest

Holy Land Experience, FL

The Holy Land Experience is a tragedy.  It’s a confusing mix of church, religion, Vegas, Disney, glitter and cheap taste.  I knew that it would be bad going in and I was ready for a kitschy experience but I was pretty offended by the whole place.  Each “show” was actually a church service.… Read the rest

St. Petersburg, FL

We went down to St. Petersburg to join the Bernie Sanders supporters in the MLK Day Parade.  It was a lot of fun to meet such diverse, but like-minded people in Florida.  We were pretty excited to be part of a parade for MLK.  We got to our meeting point pretty early in the day and directed other folks to the meeting spot. … Read the rest

Tampa, FL

We headed to Tampa for the Florida RV Supershow! It was huge! There were a lot of RVs that we had never seen.  There was one company called Phoenix that we loved.  They make smaller Class C’s that don’t look super outdated and the floorplans were perfect.  I think if we were to upgrade, we’d look into one of those…or there was also this company from Canada which we liked as well. … Read the rest

Lakeland, FL

Hmmm…what can we say about the Lakeland Gun Show? So we weren’t suppose to take photos so after 5 minutes we went into stealth mode and snuck some shots in.  There were 2 large halls of people selling ammo, guns, weapons, knives…etc.  There were actually a few stalls of sweet old looking grandma and grandpa couples selling ammo together. … Read the rest

Leesburg, FL

We made a pit stop near Orlando because D was visiting her mom- so perfect timing!  We had two days of yummy food and hanging out.  They live in a gated community of retirees so it was interesting to get the scoop on what retired living in Orlando is like.  There are so many services for retired folks here that I can see why people want to spend their older years here.… Read the rest

Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios, FL

Animal Kingdom is really a zoo that is much better art-directed than any other zoo out there and has a few rides.  What we liked most was walking around the African and Asian villages and seeing all the attention to detail that the sets all had.  You could tell that the imagineers really visited these villages and had fun recreating these sets for Disney. … Read the rest