Dollywood! This amusement park is filled with southern charm, grandmas and grandpas behind the counter, and a lot of Dolly holograms. The lines were pretty short for a lot of the rides, which was a welcome change from our experience at Disneyland where most of the rides to would take at least a 20 minute wait. Some of the shops in Craft Village was pretty neat. Got to watch a blacksmith make an iron fork for roasting marshmallows. Also there is a train that runs through Dollyworld that’s powered by coal engine! The train conductor actually has to shovel coal manually into the burner. Pretty sweet. We saw a couple Christmas themed shows. One was Scrooge, and the other was a collection of Christmas music. I have one big beef with this place though. They advertise “Hand-dipped Ice Cream Shakes.” Which… sounds interesting and good, but when I asked about it, I learned that it was just a milkshake… made with “hand-scooped” ice cream. Which is sort of like advertising “hand-cracked eggs” or “hand-shaken cocktails.” Unless it’s supposed to be funny, it’s not actually funny. Also there is a dress shop where you can buy clothes to look like Dolly.

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